AISB 2017

The AISB Convention is an annual conference organised by the Society for the Study of Artificial Intelligence and Simulation of Behaviour, covering the range of AI, Machine Learning and Cognitive Science. This year's theme: Society with AI, asked symposia to consider the ethical and social consequences for the changes we are bringing with the introduction of AI products and research. Participation is open to the general public and encouraged across the full range of symposia and all three days.

The 2017 Convention will be held at the University of Bath, UK, with the main symposia running from 19-21th April 2017, and optional activities in the 18th and 22nd. Joanna Bryson, Marina De Vos, and Julian Padget are the 2017 conference chairs.

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Dinner can no longer be booked through the on-line shop, but we have a limited number of tickets available for purchase at the registration desk. Email the organizers to reserve or buy in person.

The deadline for student bursaries has been extended to April 5th to match the close of earlybird registration

List of Accepted Symposia available

Registration is open!

A tutorial/hackathon will take place on the 18th April 2017.

There will be organised visits to local tourist attractions on the 22nd April 2017.

Interview about how the conference will be run from the AISB website

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