Accepted Symposia at AISB 2017 / Links to Calls for Papers


  1. Social Aspects of Cognition: Human and Artificial Life Symposium
  2. The Power of Immergence: Simulating language, decision-making and the evolution of culture
  3. Social Interactions in Complex Intelligent Systems (SICIS)
  4. 4th Computational Creativity Symposium
  5. Computational modelling of emotion: theory and applications
  6. Cognition And OntologieS (CAOS) 2017
  7. The power of passion: Human reason and its emotional foundations
  8. AISB Symposium on Computational Architectures for Animal Cognition (CAAC)
  9. AISB Symposium on AI & Games
  10. The 10th AISB Symposium on Computing and Philosophy: language, cognition, and computation

Not running this year

  1. AI for Migrant Integration
  2. Swarm Intelligence & Evolutionary Computation
  3. ALAW - International Symposium on Agents Living in Augmented Worlds