Plenary and Invited Speakers

Special Panel Discussion:

There will be Panel Discussion before the conference dinner on 19 April, open to the general public. The topic of the panel will be The Ethical Impact of AI on Society. The panel will be chaired by Alan Winfield and will include Björn Schuller, Danit Gal, Nello Cristianini, and Mandy Chessell.

Plenary Speakers:

  • 19 April - Björn Schuller on the state of the art for AI detection of human emotions, and the implications for society. (abstract)
  • 20 April - Mandy Chessell on the use of personal data to enhance the cognitive behaviour of online services. (abstract)
  • 21 April - Filippo Santoni De Sio on AI, moral agency, responsibility and the chain of command in battlefield robots. (abstract)

Symposium Invited Speakers: