Registration instructions

  1. Register through the AISB store on the University of Bath website.
  2. Registration is cheaper if you first join the AISB.
  3. Please note that accommodation must be booked separately.
  4. If you are seeking partial support for attendance, please see the information about bursaries below.
  5. Dinner can no longer be booked through the on-line shop, but we have a limited number of tickets available for purchase at the registration desk. Email the organizers to reserve or buy in person.

Registration costs

Early bird
(5th April 2017)
On site Single Day
(any time)
Academics paid in weak currencies
£140/£170 £200/£230 £100/£115
Under-resourced startups
Independent developers
£230/£270 £280/£310 £210/£230
Corporate rate £400/£450 £450/£500 £250/£275
Benefactors* £1000 £1000 n/a

Registration costs listed for members/non-members of AISB. Information and instructions for joining as a member of AISB is available here.

Free registrations are available to members of the press, but please email Kirstie Morrison ( with name, media organisation, and dates of attendance so we can keep track of numbers.

Credentials for students, unwaged, and press attendees will need to be presented at the registration desk.

*Benefactors will be offered public recognition and a free dinner on Thursday 20th April with our keynote speakers. Sponsors can negotiate for a commensurate number of benefactor registrations.


Thanks to our sponsors, we are able to hand out a significant number of travel bursaries to students participating in AISB2017. Each bursary is worth £75 All students and those on low income without grants to cover their cost, and registered for the full three three days are eligible to apply. If you wish to apply, submit a proof of registration to

In the title box write "AISB bursary" and use the abstract box to explain why you are attending AISB and why the bursary would be welcome.

If successful, you will receive the bursary on the first day of the symposium.

Applications will be considered in the order submitted until fully dispersed, with a final deadline of 31st March 5th April.

Tourism & Group Tours

A variety of tourist events and activities may be organised for Saturday 22nd April, depending on interest. More information available here.